Who am I?
I'm nobody.
Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?



List five things that make you sad.
Obliviousness, not getting the credit I deserve, feeling so far behind in life, my Meme being in the hospital so far away and I can’t even give her a damn hug, the inevitable.

List your five favorite foods.
Cabot cheese, sushi, macaroni/velveeta shells and cheese, my mom’s macaroni salad, and my mom’s taco salad.

List your five favorite drinks.
Water, Izze, gin and tonic, watered-down grape koolaid, Nantucket Nectar lemonade.

List five things you want to say to ten different people at this moment.
“I love you,” “I’m sorry,” “grow up,” “shut up,” “don’t talk to me.”

List five good things about your life.
My jobs, Eve, my relationship, …is it sad there aren’t five things? The steps I’m taking to get where I want to be could be one. This was hard!

List five bad things about your life.
Living at home, having bad credit, not having a car (yet, this hopefully changes by next week!!!), being dependent while striving to be as independent as possible, not having privacy.

List your family members and how they help you daily.
The only thing my parents help me with is giving me a place to live for cheap and helping me get to work. I’m completely on my own otherwise.

List your five favorite songs.

  • A Decade Under the Influence by Taking Back Sunday
  • Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World
  • Take a Bow by Muse
  • Beauty School by Deftones
  • And currently Midnight Rider by The Allman Brothers

List what you did/plan to do today.
Today is over and I had no plans other than to work. So I did, and when I got home I napped for an hour, took Eve for a walk, watched a lot of NCIS, tried to paint my nails and somehow fucked them up after they were “completely dry” (they weren’t). Played with Eve outside some more, made dinner and I didn’t really like it cos for some reason my taste buds have been very anti-chicken for the past month. Now I’m doing this.

List your favorite stores.
Maurices, JC Penney, PacSun, yeah I don’t do a lot of shopping so it’s pretty much whatever is at the hall of a mall close by, and I’ve always liked PacSun.